How to report bugs?

Even if we do our best to prevent bugs, it can always happen. In this page, you will find useful informations on how to report a bug.

Preliminary tests: upgrade your woob installation and modules

If you are not using the last woob stable version, upgrade to it.

Second, try to upgrade your modules with:

$ woob config update

Run the applications in debug mode

To get verbose logs, you can run your woob applications with the -d parameter. Please check that no private information appears in the trace before copying all the lines in the bug tracker.

Set the category as specific as possible

The most commons bugs are in the module codes: since websites often change, the parsing can be broken. In that case, please add the module name in the title, for example [bnporc] Can't get account history.

Bug tracker

As a last step, check on the Bug Tracker that an equivalent issue is not already open. If not, open it and do not forget to add a clear description of our issue, the backtrace as explained above, your operating system and the implicated libraries.