what What is woob

woob is a collection of applications able to interact with websites, without requiring the user to open them in a browser. It also provides well-defined APIs to talk to websites lacking one.

why Why use woob

  • You get information faster
  • You can script around woob to automate tasks
  • It extends websites features
  • It helps blind people use crappy websites
  • Reuse your favorite applications.

competition What sets woob apart

  • Focus on quality applications, not just a limited script
  • Not tied to a particular website, no need to learn many interfaces
  • Continuous integration notifies developers if a website has changed
  • Graphical, textual, or programming interfaces for the same capabilities
  • The update system allows pushing fixes quickly to end users
  • Professional usage is available.
GET WOOB 3.6Released on Tuesday 23 May 2023

tech Technologies

  • woob is written in Python
  • It leverages, but is not limited to, Requests and lxml
  • Graphical applications use Qt
  • git is used for collaboration
  • It is distributed under the LGPL license
  • Actively developed

contact Contact


Send us an email at woob@woob.tech.

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Romain Bignon
Romain Bignon 3518 patches
Vincent Ardisson
Vincent Ardisson 1583 patches
Florent Fourcot
Florent Fourcot 1071 patches
Baptiste Delpey
Baptiste Delpey 1055 patches
Laurent Bachelier
Laurent Bachelier 1019 patches
Bezleputh 826 patches
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Quentin Defenouillere 651 patches
Christophe Benz
Christophe Benz 491 patches
Sylvie Ye
Sylvie Ye 445 patches
Julien Veyssier
Julien Veyssier 369 patches
Edouard Lambert
Edouard Lambert 346 patches
Guillaume Risbourg
Guillaume Risbourg 312 patches
Maxime Gasselin
Maxime Gasselin 291 patches
Vincent Paredes
Vincent Paredes 278 patches
Florian Duguet
Florian Duguet 232 patches
Christophe Francois
Christophe Francois 191 patches
Damien Mat
Damien Mat 184 patches
Célande Adrien
Célande Adrien 153 patches
juke_b 139 patches
Phyks (Lucas Verney)
Phyks (Lucas Verney) 132 patches
Jean Walrave
Jean Walrave 111 patches
Pierre Mazière
Pierre Mazière 109 patches
Maxime Pommier
Maxime Pommier 101 patches
Roger Philibert
Roger Philibert 95 patches
Florent Viard
Florent Viard 86 patches
Jonathan Schmidt
Jonathan Schmidt 84 patches
Jerome Berthier
Jerome Berthier 83 patches
Oleg Plakhotniuk
Oleg Plakhotniuk 78 patches
Etienne Lachere
Etienne Lachere 74 patches
Théo Dorée
Théo Dorée 71 patches
Martin Sicot
Martin Sicot 64 patches
Victor Kannemacher
Victor Kannemacher 63 patches
Fong NGO
Fong NGO 61 patches
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Benjamin Tampigny
Benjamin Tampigny 57 patches
Simon Rochwerg
Simon Rochwerg 57 patches
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Dorian Roly 57 patches
Phlogistique 53 patches
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Louis Debeve 48 patches
Louis Debeve
Louis Debeve 48 patches
Olivier Da Rocha
Olivier Da Rocha 46 patches
Martin Lavoie
Martin Lavoie 44 patches
Matthieu Weber
Matthieu Weber 43 patches
Ludovic LANGE
Ludovic LANGE 43 patches
Christophe Lampin
Christophe Lampin 41 patches
David Kremer
David Kremer 38 patches
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Ilyas Semmaoui 34 patches
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Tony Malto 29 patches
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Barthélemy Gouby 29 patches
thibault douge
thibault douge 27 patches
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Antoine BOSSY 27 patches
Antoine BOSSY
Antoine BOSSY 27 patches
Augustin Bouverot
Augustin Bouverot 25 patches
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Frédéric Lépy 24 patches
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Andras Bartok 23 patches
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Simon Bordeyne 23 patches
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Nicolas Frandeboeuf 22 patches
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Pierre Nardozi 22 patches
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James GALT 20 patches
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Simon Lipp 18 patches
Benjamin Bouvier
Benjamin Bouvier 18 patches
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Julien Montagnat 16 patches
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Damien Ramelet 15 patches
Lowik BOURGEOISAT 14 patches
sputnick 13 patches
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Vincent Texier 13 patches
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Axel Pelerin 13 patches
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Romain Pesche 13 patches
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Gabriel Kerneis 13 patches
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theocrite 12 patches
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Martin Morlot 12 patches
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Damien Cassou 7 patches
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Sébastien Marie 6 patches
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Sébastien JEAN 6 patches
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François Schmidts 6 patches
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Thomas Lecavelier 6 patches
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Dorian ROLY 5 patches
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Philippine Aylor 5 patches
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Raphaël Rigo 5 patches
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Jocelyn Jaubert 5 patches
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Caram Dache 5 patches
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Adrien Kunysz 3 patches
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Juliette Fourcot 3 patches
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Damien R 3 patches
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Artyom Chvostov 3 patches
Celande 3 patches
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Lucas Nussbaum 3 patches
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Cédric Félizard 2 patches
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Stefano Zacchiroli 2 patches
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Camille Dehecq 2 patches
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Benjamin Sigonneau 2 patches
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Guillaume Lundy 2 patches
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